Siemens Approved Partner

A globally acclaimed brand for the past 160 years, Siemens is recognized for quality and innovation, and its firm belief in investing in innovation, people and partners. Each partner has the ability of leveraging part of, or the entire product portfolio based on their core competencies, industry-specific knowledge, sales and technical resources, and business plan.

The program aims to increase growth and profitability, among other multi-fold benefits.

Siemens has over 1600 Approved Partners in more than 80 countries.

Being part of Siemens as certified distributors, we not only offer you a comprehensive range of products but also provide customer-specific modifications. Our team have an excellent product knowledge and qualified technical consulting.

Siemens carefully selects its Approved Distribution Partners. They have to prove their market competence and fulfil high quality expectations – including fast delivery, technical expertise, and high competence. Once approved, they receive a dedicated Siemens Approved Distribution Partner logo that confirms their status as a partner.

Partner Emblem

All Siemens Partner will be given a Partner Emblem badges. It is used to easily recognise the partners. There are 3 categories of partners. They are Approved Partner- Value Added Reseller, Approved Partner – Industry Services and Solution Partner – Automation Drives.

The official Siemens Partner Emblem is only allow to be used by Authorized Partner/Distributor. Any unauthorized use of this Emblem is subject to legal actions by Siemens.

MRO Market is now a distributor for FA AS : Factory Automation

MRO Market Sdn. Bhd. official Approved Partner Certificate issue by Senior Vice President of Siemens Malaysia.



MRO Market Sdn. Bhd. Representative is awarded their Partner Certifications during in year.